Ashes of the Past

by Brahmanda

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Ashes of the past is a concept album describing Cortes journey to the Americas and the destruction of the Aztec Empire.




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Brahmanda Massachusetts

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Track Name: Ocean's Omen
Carried by the tide, two worlds bound to collide. Failed to understand native ways and sprawling lands. Used and dried the well, stripped to the bone and forced to sell. After all is said, nothing could bring back the dead.
Chorus: Ocean's Omen
See it in the trees, drifting through wind and flowing through streams. When you make them bleed Mother Earth lets out a scream. Breaking harmony, return to your home across the sea. A fire burns inside knowing that we should have died.
Track Name: Toll of Life
So you live another day. The toll of life is hard to pay. Kiss the shore a final time. Future holds heinous crimes. Would you stay another hate-filled day? Bow your head, leave the dead.
Jungle's thick with humid air. Innocent souls are unaware. Clench your sword, raise your shield. Feel the terror that you wield. Would you stay another blood-stained day? Trust in god, purge the land.
Chorus: Go, run from me. Owe all to thee
Over time, truth we'll find
Open up your eyes. See through these lies.
Track Name: Journey to the New World
These months at sea have left me angry and filled me with the urge to kill. I left my life, over the waves. I watch it slowly fade away.
Follow me down. Fortune is all I seek. Land ho, yonder. Praise God for saving me.
The people here, they call us gods. Savage and hedonistic beasts. Maybe in time, the beasts will find evil in paganistic ways.
Darkness descends over this foreign land. Black clouds swirl round this world across the sea.
Chorus: The screaming, it surrounds me. It haunts me in my dreams. The hunted start to bleed. Forgive me
Track Name: Ships on the Horizon
I watched the ships arrive one by one. With steal that glistened in the burning Sun. The turning of the tide comes at last. Peace broken buried deep within our past.
Chorus: Forget all that once was known. This world no longer shall be home. Escape leave this sacred ground. Run for your life and don't make a sound.
Blood flowing quick and thick a crimson red. No time to stop and mourn the countless dead. White faces spreading disease raping the land. Such evil lives and thrives within these men.